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Since 2007, Freeman Logistics has been helping clients all across the country to deliver their goods while earning a 5 star google rating. From LTL to Truckload, we have all the options to meet our clients needs. We know how important it is to communicate, and this is why people keep trusting us with their shipments. We would love it if you reached out and gave us a chance to prove why we have been successful for almost the past two decades.

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What is an F.A.K. (Freight All Kinds) and What Does It Really Mean?

First things first, let’s actually define it. F.A.K. stands for Freight All Kinds.  But that still leaves one pondering on what it really means or how it can affect you. Who is responsible for giving out an F.A.K.? Let us try to help clarify that for you. LTL (less than truckload) carriers are the ones […]

What Characteristics Make a Freight Broker Successful?

Freight Brokers can be very valuable to a business, especially if they find the right one. Being in this business for 10 years now, it is amazing to see how most brokers operate. We have built our business on a simple concept, having the best customer service possible. Why is this so important and how […]

Understanding Freight Class and NMFC Numbers

One of the biggest challenges in the LTL freight world is trying to figure out what specific NMFC Number and freight class the product that you are shipping is supposed to be. I would say that most customers do not have a clear understanding of what either is and mainly rely on the carriers they […]