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Founded in 2007, Freeman Logistics is a full service third party logistics company that helps clients manage everything from their LTL, truckloads, rail/intermodal, ocean, and air.

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I've worked with Zach for over a decade now, there is none better in the industry. Late night, early morning, weekends, he will respond & produce results faster than you can even describe what you need. If you need success in your logistics business you need Zach.
Randy Hayes
18:39 23 Mar 23
Freeman Logistics have 100% been the best to work with. They were recommended to us by a business partner several years ago, for specialty shipments that needed extra support and attention. Because of their excellent support, service, and pricing, they quickly became our go-to logistics partner for all of our domestic freight needs. They have helped us address issues with carriers, educated us on best practices that would save us money, and provided us with detailed information about shipping events when our customers needed verification.
Tammy Maples
18:37 23 Mar 23
I have been using Freeman Logistics for my company Wizard Enterprise for just around 3 years and I can't find anything to complain about. I have had my fair share of shipping issues and each one when it comes about it resolved and I couldn't be happier. If your looking for a reliable freight company that gets you the best rates for your needs, Freeman Logistics is your team!
Michelle Wieland
18:02 23 Mar 23
As the owner of Network Printing and Design, I have been handling shipping to and from vendors and customers across the country for thirty years. Dealing with trucking companies is a nightmare. If there is a pick up window of between 1:00 and 5:00, they no doubt show up at 5:30. Freeman Logistics has been a pleasure to deal with and very easy to get hold of to answer questions that come up. The last few years shipping has been challenging to say the least. If I have a choice, I would always use Freeman Logistics first.
Jerry Patton
17:55 23 Mar 23
Great customer service—highly recommend. Both Sara and Zach went above and beyond and we were able to receive our urgently needed shipment earlier than expected.
Marcus Odinec
23:00 06 Sep 22
As an art dealer...I can't begin to tell you how thrill I was with Zach and Freeman logistics! The last 3 years with fed ex and ups damaging every box we shipped.. These 2 arrived in Boston in perfect condition and the rate was unbelievable. Can't recommend enough!!
Kim Riley
14:51 27 Jul 22
I am extremely happy and satisfied with Mamba VP services so far. They offer the best VP in the market. Zach is very easy to work with and helpful. They also provide great follow up program for lead generators and top of the line CSR. Will definitively be using them in the near future.
Greg Guerra
18:41 01 Jul 21
THE BEST FREIGHT COMPANY. I have worked with plenty. The freight/trucking situation in LA is insanely backed up right now, and Freeman Logistics is the ONLY freight company that has been able to get my shipments delivered. I couldn't recommend them more. Expect fast responses, expect them to go above and beyond your expectations, expect a team that genuinely cares and goes 100% in on providing amazing service for you. Literal Life Savers. Five Stars.
Katie Friend
14:38 25 Jan 21
Zach and his team have been instrumental in making sure that all logistical matters are handled in a timely and efficient manner. Expert industry knowledge, honesty, and exceptional customer service are this team’s bread and butter. Highly recommend Freeman Logistics.
Robin Choi
09:27 17 Oct 20
In February 2020, I came across the Freeman Logistics website while searching for professional assistance involving an extensively damaged elliptical exerciser machine. It had been inappropriately packaged and shipped to my Indiana home from a California company. With the chance I might obtain useful insight, I sent an email to Freeman Logistics briefly describing the machine’s condition on arrival and that I had no experience in the shipping industry. Zach Freeman promptly answered the email. He reviewed the facts of my problem and provided useful information including a meaningful explanation of the details. In fact, he called me several times to make sure I understood the information he sent to me about industry standards and the relevant details which were critical to my dispute with the California company. In addition, he wrote a specifically detailed letter on my behalf, which ultimately helped me win a full refund from the company. I feel overwhelmed by the above and beyond professional assistance Zach graciously provided, especially in light of the consideration that I was a stranger to Freeman Logistics and not even a client. In my experience, Freeman Logistics is a remarkably helpful and effective company.
Doctor Greg
22:23 25 Mar 20
Zach and his team are the best at what they do. Zach has helped me and my company with virtually every part in the logistics world from quoting to delivery. Most recently he helped me figure out a situation from across the country and the two of us got it handled within 1.5 hours. I will continue to use Zach and his company for all my shipping needs.
Doug ,
19:36 04 Nov 19
My company has been a client of Freeman Logistics for over a year. Of all of the freight broker services we have used, they have by far been the best. If we have issues with a shipment, Zach is quick to respond and stays on top of the issue until it has been resolved. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking this type of service.
PR Sol Trading
14:53 25 Oct 19
I've been working with Zach at Freeman Logistics for several years now. I am extremely busy at work and have several pallets going out a week. Zach makes everything easier for me and always replies quickly. I highly recommend Zach and Freeman Logistics. You will not be disappointed.
J Oh
19:04 24 Oct 19
I've been working with Zach for years transporting hardwood flooring material from suppliers to job sites, literally from coast to coast and the mountains of Colorado. Zach is always quick to respond and has great rates. Despite the large crates of flooring and winter driving conditions in Colorado, Zach always manages to get the material to the projects in a timely manner with no issues ! I often call him when I'm on site to check on the deliveries and he always picks up his phone. I highly recommend Freeman Logistics for freight of any size. Its a pleasure to work with someone that personally takes the initiative and cares about what he does. Well done Zach !
Brenda Pringle
21:46 21 Oct 19
I would highly recommend Freeman Logistics and Zach!!! Zach is somebody who you can rely on any time. He responds in few minutes and resolves any issue very fast! That is the most important thing for me and my company that we have somebody who will take care of our shipments very fast and with no issues. Thank you Zach for great service and for being always available for us!!!
Lola M
20:17 17 Oct 19
Zach has been on top of all our shipping needs and quick with response and very helpful with difficult shipments, I would recommend him as his service is top notch!
Kim Wojahn
17:03 16 Oct 19
HUGE thank you to ZACH! Such excellent, fast and thorough service! Any problem I come across I know I can always depend on him to take care of it!
Justine Danielle Victoria
21:33 02 Oct 19
I was in SoCal making an inventory purchase for my business. Had to ship about 400 lbs. of product from west coast to east cost. I contacted the usual suspects in the shipping industry (UPS/Fedex) and got astronomical quotes!! I contacted Zach at Freeman Logistics and explained what service I needed. He handled everything for me and made the experience amazing. I will certainly use Freeman again anytime I am in need of freight transport. Thank you again, Zach!!!
M Kim
23:15 18 Apr 19
Awesome group to work with. Zach is great about handling issues if they arise or schedule changes that we may run into last minute. Highly recommended.
MDHC Dallas
22:06 04 Oct 18
I have been a customer of freeman logistics for about a year. My rep Zach is always on top of my orders. When I need a pallet quote or have a question he answers it right away. Its flat out good service with fair prices. Highly recommended.
Adam Tafilowski
22:03 06 Sep 18
Titan Supply Group has been dealing with Zach for 2 years now. Came to us as a lead from one of our Customers. Can't say enough about Zach and his team at Freeman Logistics. Spot on with rates, service, ease of doing business. It is also nice to speak to a Human if you need to get answers quickly. Titan Supply has implemented an LTL pallet program for our flooring products and Freeman Logistics has been integral for our success. Keep up the great work!
Eric Wollaston
14:42 05 Sep 18
Zach is awesome! His prices are the best & is always quick to communicate. Out of the years that I've been a shipping coordinator with my company, I've never dealt with someone so reliable and personable before him. Thanks Zach!
Kelsey Salmen
14:35 29 Aug 18
Really reliable and fast response on communication. Either an email or phone call, Zach makes sure requests are handled very timely! Prices continue to be the lowest as well. Always a pleasure to work with!
lynn marshall
20:40 28 Aug 18
Been working with Zach and his team at Freeman Logistics for over a year. Very competitive pricing and service second to none. Working in the transportation logistics and distribution space for over 20 years, I've had the opportunity to work with numerous providers and I'd choose Freeman Logistics again and again - hands down. They are a true partner and an integral part of our daily operations.
Ryan Greve
20:44 23 Aug 18
"This is a great group to work with and highly recommend them."Great Job in Helping with any issues
Artisan Order Desk
18:17 23 Aug 18
You really cant go wrong with Freeman Logistics. Zach is one of the most responsive and helpful people I've ever worked with. He is always willing to step in and assist you with ANYTHING - day or night. We have had our fair share of logistics nightmares and he truly does everything he can to make them as painless as possible. It's refreshing.
Dannielle Bush
17:14 23 Aug 18
These guys know their business! Zach is the most responsive person I've worked with. EVER! You can't go wrong with Freeman Logistics.
Wholesale BBE
21:01 21 Aug 18
We were in desperate need of someone to help with the logistics of moving large, crated electronic equipment around the entire US. Quickly, safely and sometimes multiple moves. Freeman has hit it out of the park. Reliable! Amazing communication! Fast results and always ON TIME! Couldn’t be happier with Zach and Freeman Freight.
Marc Provenzano
17:46 07 Aug 18
Our company, Evolutions Flooring, and I have been using Freeman Logistics for the past year or so. Zach and Brandy are always able to respond quick with an solution when I need help such as LTL freight quote, shipment status or POD. Great customer service, and always go above and beyond for us. Highly recommend!!
Calvin Pang
21:35 03 Nov 17
Like the rest say - great service and great prices. Great communication, easy to work with, stays on top of the shipments, hands down is the most straight forward and best shipping company I've ever worked with. Highly recommend!!
Alex Malinchoc
18:40 08 Jun 17
Freeman Logistics is one of the best companies to work with. We have worked with him for over a year and I can't express how much Zach does for our company. He goes above and beyond to fulfill our needs. Offering the greatest service and best prices. Looking forward to many more years of great service with Freeman Logistics.
Elizabeth Garcia
23:54 24 May 17
We have been using Freeman Logistics for a few years now. Their customer service is excellent, fast response is a must for us when quoting customers. They offer the lowest rates in freight and help assist with every step from booking transportation carriers and status of the shipment to the point of delivery. Cannot speak highly enough of this company and it's staff. Our business is in good hands!
Daniel L
21:03 24 May 17
Zach was VERY helpful from start to finish in assisting Apptricity with shipping our company booth to a conference. He gave me confidence knowing things were going to be taken care of and properly! In addition, he is very responsive at all hours by email and phone which was very helpful. I highly recommend using Freeman Logistic services!
Christy Buice
19:36 16 May 17
It has been a pleasure working with Zach for the past few months to ship our booth and materials to/from trade shows. Anyone who has had to deal with trade show logistics knows how much of a pain it can be with all the different parties involved and opportunities for something to go wrong. In addition to providing competitive rates, Zach is always available via phone or email to handle any issues and coordinate with the various parties to ensure our shipments make it on time. I can't imagine working with anyone else.
Mclain Roth
17:15 14 Apr 17
Fantastic- Working with Freeman Logistics is a a breeze. They are always willing to accommodate the user and provide excellent customer service. They go above and beyond whenever needed. I cannot ask for a better team to work with and I hold them in high regards. You are making the right decision when choosing Freeman Logistics!
brittany brown
14:17 10 Apr 17
I run the operations department for our Company and been working with Zach for the past few months. He makes life so much easier when it comes to logistics! He always gets us the best pricing and stays on top of each and every shipment. He is very transparent, and I wouldn't trust anyone else to work with than Zach!
Bogdan Ivan
16:52 27 Mar 17
I have been working with Zach for the past 8 years and he nothing short of amazing. The service that he has provided us over the years has been extremely impressive and consistent. He has saved us thousands of dollars and made our lives so much easier. He is also extremely easy to get a hold of morning, noon, and night. I would absolutely recommend working with them as his office treats your business like it is their own.
Ngoc Le
16:48 17 Feb 17

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